Refund Policy

Once you the client has entered into the “Trade Promotion” and you have paid the fee associated with the “Trade Promotion” the transaction is considered complete and therefore refunds will not be given when requested.

Once you have received access via the banking API to the Online portal and paid your fee and entered as per the Lengths Ahead Trade Promotion and  by submitting your online form the transaction is deemed complete and no refunds will be given, this is a virtual product and therefore no physical goods are exchanged,  and the Trade Promotion is a  game of skill, and the game is completed once the submit has been pressed and the server receives your submission.

If, for Tecnical reasons you the client/s (player, participant , individual)  online transaction was not completed for technical reasons and your entry was not received by the secure server and you the client ( player, participant , individual) have paid and your entry details and form was incomplete due to a technical issue, Lengths Ahead will enter into a review stage and error logs  for that particular the application and time stamps from the server and and if is deemed that Lengths Ahead sever did not get a complete transaction and email response, your entry will be void and upon review you may be entitled to a refund.

This will be a the discretion of the management of Length Ahead