Lengths Ahead-Overseas DATA

LA Japan-05 05 2018

The last of the software is just being coded and we have the region covered, except for South Korea.

So once its delivered we will post our LA Raters so you can at least see what the horse can do based on MPS and Sectional data we have.

LA-Hong Kong  and LA Singapore

We are in the last stages of getting the raters for both tracks at Hong Kong and Singapore and we will be publishing them here in the same format, simple table with four selection early testing have proved reasonably successful so hope these can help when you having  look at HK  and SGP Racing.

Watch out for JAPAN and SOUTH KOREAN LA data coming soon.



We do the heavy lifting when looking for horses that actually can run sectionals and time.

Working on the simple theory that times and sectionals are key indicators in the selection process, we all know there is a plethora of other factors and at the very least, if a horse can run time you know you’re in with a chance when having a punt.


From the 600m (and 800m in Tassie go figure) the fair dinkum part of any race starts around the 600 meter peg mark, you will notice jockeys drop the reins and start working on the horses the jock may start to get active on the horse with a few cuts of the whip to get the horses mind on the job.

Sectionals are a benchmark for some punters and for us here at LA, and this gives us some sort of an idea that horse can run time, in Asian racing some tracks have wireless tracking on the horses that actual give real time updates at each 100m/200m maker, also it has a CGI (computer generated image) based on the timing data updates and this is then pushed to the race vision.

Machine Learning

As we have records and results of horse in NZ and Australia and data analysis can run regressive and scripts on all sorts of scenarios, yes it not rocket science however it is doing it smarter so LA can give you the edge.

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