LA Dutch betting strategy. Update June 2017.

Well the story goes like this.

I had idea to see how in fact the LA data stood up in a real life staking plan and part of the strategy was to use an online Dutching program to see if our data could put us in front $$$$ or empty the Betfair account.

So, the monthly subscription was paid and access to the Dutching Bot was given and we loaded the daily betting sheet up, and how did you think it went?


LACE 14 June to 30th.jpg


So this is the result

$100 bank

We backed four horses in the race, the LA top four.

$382 Profit over 17 days.

And as you can see it work ok, the problem was not the selections, was the fact we were getting cocky and thought we could do without the discipline of the BOT and also thinking we had cracked the code and stopped paying the monthly subs.

STUPID and WRONG move.

Yes, very stupid we gave it all back without using a betting strategy.

So what we have done is gone back into the market paid our $50 fee for the BOT and we have kicked off LADS.

$100 bank another “Racer” kicking in $50 , so our bank is $100.

This time we are limiting the selection to 1-2 per race and using what’s called a Dutch Recovery, pretty much giving you a 3/1 on your stake.

Lengths Ahead Dutching Strategy the LADS ….will keep you posted.

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